Geneva, Illinois
Design competition entry
Undergraduate Studies / Judson University
National AIAS Library for the 21st Century Design Competition Entry
This design’s intentions are simple: bring a new excitement to the library building type as well as to the city of Geneva, Illinois. Explored through the use of large cantilevered forms, a sense of wonder is invoked as the structural walking trusses are masked from the exterior observer by perforated screen systems that additionally control the amount of sunlight admitted to the interior spaces.
The large cantilevers accomplish more than just creating visual excitement: they separate functions of the library. The large mass rising from the ground houses the primary library functions, while the intersecting ‘bars’ house additional functions. The two highest ‘bars’ require access after normal library hours; one accommodates administration and the other includes the community meeting and conference spaces. These spaces are provided with their own means of access in order to facilitate the extended access times.

Physical Model